So you had Gastric Bypass surgery?

Scale with apple & tapeSo you had Gastric Bypass surgery?

If you’re lucky it went well and you lost a lot of weight. You looked incredible and felt even better. When you looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the person there, you told yourself that was a good thing. You wanted to be different person, new person, shiny and energetic and SLIM! You could shop anywhere and did. Everything in your life got way better disproving that silly old notion that it’s not all about the weight.


But then something happened. There was a major death or illness in the family. Finances went downhill very fast, maybe you even lost where you live. Your marriage fell apart, seemingly all of a sudden and out of nowhere.


Now, you’ve gained a lot of weight back, maybe all of it. Maybe you never lost as much as “they” thought you would. Now you live in a cocoon of shame every day. No one ever actually talks about that though do they? All most people talk about is the supposed success stories, the ones who DON’T gain anything back. Maybe you or they are starting to think you made a mistake…That it wasn’t worth all the risk you took.

Did you make a mistake??

I’m here to tell you it was worth it. I’m here to talk about it ALL! All the nitty gritty stuff no one wants to talk about. I had GBS in 2006 at 300lbs, went down to 150 – maintained that thru a pregnancy- and now in 2017 I weigh 214lbs. Do I live in shame? HELL NO! Do I think it was worth it? HELL YES! The things I have learned are invaluable and I wouldn’t trade that knowledge for anything. I don’t have to be steady at 150lbs or 130lbs or even at 200lbs to know I did the right thing. So let’s get into it! Let’s “go there.” What do you want to talk about? It’s all fair game here.